Penis Advantage Truth

How After Fighting A Seemingly Endless 9 Month Battle, I Finally Grew A Bigger Penis Within 7 Days...Why My Story Will Shock You!


If you're thinking about using pumps,pills or any other product to get a bigger penis, you've found this segment because not only will my story shock you, it'll almost certainly save your money, health, as well as a lot of time and frustration.

I will tell you exactly why over an 9 month period I tried but gavee up on penis pills, pumps and a range of other penis enlargement products. I even thought about surgery and how I permanently grew my penis with a unique product called 'Penis Advantage'.

My name is Peter Kim, and like so many other guys out there, I spent months desperately trying to make my penis bigger so I could satisfy my girlfriend with confidence. Here's the's worse when you're an Asian dude.

I never had any problems with my penis size at first - despite all the stereotypes. However, back in March 2010, after having graduated high school, I began my life at uni. It was a great time, but problem being that I had just started dating my first real girlfriend. Truthfully, this was the first time that I ever had strong feelings for a girl... so I wanted to be absolutely sure that I could satisfy her in bed.  

You Guessed It...

Our first time in bed was lackluster and could tell she was a little disappointed. I tried making up for my small penis size with tons of foreplay, but nope, didn't do too much. I was scared of losing her to some other dude and lost confidence.

Then I started thinking that she might start cheating on me, and that I would just have to deal with having a small penis for the rest of my life. 

And that was the point when I realized I had to do something about it.

I Wasted Money On Penis Enlargement Pills.

I decided to give Extenze a shot since it had just hit the market and after one of my roommates had moderate success with it.

It seemd to work out pretty well at first but maybe anyhting was bigger than my penis...especially at $80 a pop.

Then after about 4 weeks of using the pills I started getting horny all the time... even during class. Hormonal changes? Maybe so but spending almost a hundred bucks every two weeks wasn't cutting it for me and I needed a higher dosage to have any real effect.

So I was forced to stop.

I even tried using a penis pump but the effects wore off after a few hours. That and there was MAJOR discomfort and 10 days of bruising. Not worth damaging my penis forever to gain a bit of size.


Before & After using "Penis Advantage" Penis Enlargement Exercise Program

  Week 1: Length 2.7 in / Girth 2.9 in 
  Week 2: Length 3.2 in / Girth 3.3 in
  Week 3: Length 4.1 in / Girth 3.6 in
  Week 4: Length 5.0 in / Girth 4.1 in
 (girth measured by circumference)

Nothing Seemed To Work Until I Found This.

I was desperate after spending tons of money, time and wasted effort trying to succeed with pills, pumps and other things that didn't have much effect on my penis size. It seemed hopeless, and then I came across "Penis Advantage".

Not a very catchy name and I was wary after all the previous experiences. I took it up to read more reviews and learned that not only was it going to cost less than the other stuff but the reviews did have nothing but GOOD things to say about it.

Here's why you should try it.

1 - It's natural.

Simply follow the exercise routine and you won't believe the just over a week! I'll even send you some bonus exercises just for trying it out. Just email me at peter[a] (don't worry you'll be anonymous and your information kept private!)

2 - YOU Are In Control

It took a bit more time than it said on the website for growth but dang did I see some length and girth increases! After week 4 I almost wanted to walk around fly open just to show what was in my package LOL.

3 - Minutes a Day

Wanna watch TV? Sure why not do the exercises while you're watching it. This is the simplest way to see incredible growth in a safe and quickly.

Hey in the end, theese were just my results but I found it more effective and above the other penis enlargement products in the market. Everyone is different and you may not even need the same amount of time as I did.

Just remember to do the exercises as they suggest
enjoy the benefits for life!

Hopefully you got something out of this, whatever your situation might be. Had I known about Penis Advantage before, I wouldn't have wasted my time and money on all the other scammy products.

I wish you the greatest success!

Live LONG and prosper,

Peter K.

P.S. It even gives tips for premature ejaculation and increased stamina (not like I had those problems...)